The Skullery

Human Skulls in Steel and Bronze

Silvered Bronze
Shown above in Silvered Bronze.


We create skulls in variety of bronze patina finishes as well as Stainless Steel.

Shown here in silvered, darkened, verdigri and blackened finishes.


This skull is an example in stainless steel with a gunmetal finish and an angry expression.





Bronze or Steel



Silvered Bronze or Steel



VAT charged at 20%


We usually have a selection of skulls available from stock which can be seen here.



We offer some of our skulls with a little extra sculpted character.
Here we have Anger and Sadness shown alongside a normal skull, all three in blackened stainless steel.



We also make some of our skulls as candlesticks - shining a light on our art.


Our skulls are sculpted to include an attached, articulated jaw but they can also be purchased without the lower jaw.

To see more examples of our skulls and skeleton sculptures, visit Skelemental.






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